Monday, 11 August 2014

TWG018| Vince Kaichan - Yolanda

The second of our farewell releases comes in the form of a 4 track ep from chiptune's most underrated chipjazz composer, the best Ubik artist not currently on Ubik. 

Yolanda sees Vince delve into new territories, bringing to his already diverse sound a tropical and latin flare. Whilst chiptune progjazz can be accused of somtimes sounding similar, Vince's application of different styles, from the samba breakdown of 'Novaton' to the beach-laden melodies of 'Viverra', leaves his music sounding distinct, varied, and fresh. With compositional skill well beyond his years, Yolanda is a burst of 4 incredibly well constructed tracks, each packing many divergent and complimentary ideas into a relatively short running time whilst never giving up emotional content in preference of compositional complexity.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to release something from this  unique and rising talent before our closure, especially a release that is as intricate as it is emotionally delicate. 

Grab the release here.

01. Yolanda
02. Viverra
03. Novaton
04. Omiero